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Control Plane Testing
TestON Setup
Setup ONOS Cluster
Follow instructions in `Install ONOS Controller
<../installation.html#install-controller-onos>`_ to setup and run ONOS cluster
Setup Mininet Environment
- Clone Mininet and run the install script
.. code-block:: console
$ cd ~
$ git clone # Clone the repository
$ cd mininet
$ git branch -v -a # Show all the remote repositories
$ git checkout -b dynamic_topo origin/dynamic_topo # Checkout the dynamic_topo repository
$ cd util
$ sudo ./ -3fvn # Install OpenFlow 1.3, Open Vswitch and Mininet dependencies
- Follow `Trellis in a Box
<>`_ to
install Trellis dependencies, such as DHCP server and Quagga.
.. note::
If DHCP server does not properly run because of a permission error,
please see `this
to solve the problem.
- Set environment variables as described in `Create a Cell File
Setup Test Station
- Follow `TestON installation guide
<>`_ to install TestON
- (Optional) Add ``OnosSystemTest/TestON/bin`` to ``$PATH`` for convenience
Run Tests
Before you run any test, it is recommended to run cleanup script to kill any
TestON, ssh, and Mininet sessions that are running.
.. code-block:: console
cd ~/OnosSystemTest/TestON/bin
Fabric-related tests are located in
Each individual test can be run by executing ```` script with test name.
For example:
.. code-block:: console
cd ~/OnosSystemTest/TestON/bin
./ run SRSanity
Test Plan
- 0x1 single ToR
- 0x2 dual-homed ToR
- 2x2 leaf-spine
- 2x4 leaf-spine with dual-homed ToR
- 2x3 leaf-spine with dual-homed ToR on one leaf
- 2x5 topology with spines S0 and S1, and leafs L0, L1, L2, L3, L4
- L1+L2 and L3+L4 are paired switches.
- All spine links with L1-4 are double links.
- Hosts take IPs with dhcp and there exist 2 external routers.
- Hosts can use ipv4 or ipv6.
- We configure untagged/tagged single/dual home hosts in order to test every
possible combination.
- Most of the hosts reside in different ip subnets.
Tests Steps
- Configure and install ONOS
- Start mininet and check flow state
- Test connectivity
- pingall
- (Optional) ``ping`` to check external IPv4 connectivity
- (Optional) ``ping6 2000:9902`` to check external IPv6 connectivity
- Additional actions and tests defined in each individual test case
Test Cases
.. csv-table::
:file: ../tables/testing-plan.csv
:widths: 1, 2, 6, 1, 1, 2, 1
:header-rows: 1
Test Results
ONF runs all Mininet based Trellis tests nightly.
Test results are automatically published `here