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Supported Hardware
Following is a list of hardware that people from the ONF community have tested
over time in lab trials.
Supported Switches
1G/10G models (with 40G uplinks)
- OCP Accepted EdgeCore AS5712-54X
- OCP Accepted EdgeCore AS5812-54X
- QCT QuantaMesh T3048-LY8
- Delta AG7648
- Inventec D6254 (verified by Inventec)
25G models (with 100G uplinks)
- QuantaMesh BMS T7032-IX1/IX1B (with 25G breakout cable)
- Inventec D7054Q28B (verified by Inventec)
40G models
- OCP Accepted EdgeCore AS6712-32X
100G models
- OCP Accepted EdgeCore AS7712-32X
- QCT QuantaMesh BMS T7032-IX1/IX1B
- OCP Accepted Inventec D7032Q28B (verified by Inventec)
Commercially supported models
Models listed here are not supported by ONF community. You should contact
switch vendor for commercial support.
- OCP Accepted EdgeCore AS5912-54X
Supported Servers
ONOS can be run on any x86 servers, with the following notes on CPU and memory
allocation **per ONOS instance**:
- CPU (Recommended: **32 cores**)
There are not much requirement on CPU.
In practice, we avoid running other CPU intensive processes/containers/VMs
on the same physical machine where ONOS runs.
- Memory (Recommended: **65G RAM**)
The memory requirement highly depends on the deployment scale.
In general, we suggest that each ONOS instance should get **at least 16G RAM**.
For production deployment at scale, we will definitely need not only more
memory but also some fine tuning on JVM garbage collection mechanism.