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SDN Features
- ONOS cluster of all-active N instances affording N-way redundancy and scale, where N = 3 or N = 5.
- Unified operations interface (GUI/REST/CLI)
- Centralized configuration all configuration is done on controller instead of each individual switch
- Centralized role-based access control (RBAC)
- Automatic host (end-point) discovery attached hosts, access-devices, appliances (PNFs), routers, etc.
- based on ARP, DHCP, NDP, etc.
- Automatic switch, link and topology discovery and maintenance (keepalive, failure recovery)
L2 Features
Various L2 connectivity and tunneling support
- VLAN-based bridging
- Access, Trunk and Native VLAN support
- VLAN cross connect
- Forward traffic based on outer VLAN id
- Forward traffic based on outer and inner VLAN id (QinQ)
- Pseudowire
- L2 tunneling across the L3 fabric
- Support tunneling based on double tagged and single tagged traffic
- Support VLAN translation of outer tag
L3 Features
IP connectivity
- IPv4 and IPv6 unicast routing (internal use of MPLS Segment Routing)
- Subnetting configuration on all non-spine facing leaf ports; no configuration required on any spine port
- IPv6 router advertisement
- ARP, NDP, IGMP handling
- Number of flows in spines greatly simplified by MPLS Segment Routing
- Further reduction of per-leaf flows with route optimization logic
DHCP Relay
DHCP L3 relay
- DHCPv4 and DHCPv6
- DHCP server either directly attached to fabric leaves, or indirectly connected via upstream router
- DHCP client directly either attached to fabric leaves, or indirectly connected via LDRA
- Multiple DHCP servers for HA
vRouter presents the entire Trellis fabric as a single router (or dual-routers for HA), with disaggregated control/data plane
- Uses open-source protocol implementations like Quagga (or FRR)
- BGPv4 and BGPv6
- Static routes
- Route blackholing
- ACLs based on port, L2, L3 and L4 headers
Centralized multicast tree computation, programming and management
- Support both IPv4 and IPv6 multicast
- Dual-homed multicast sinks for HA
- Multiple multicast sources for HA
Troubleshooting & Diagnostics
- Troubleshooting tool T3: Trellis Troubleshooting Tool
- Diagnostics one-click collection tool `onos-diags`
- Single leaf (ToR) or dual-ToR (dual-homing)
- Supports typical leaf-spine topology, 2 to 4 spines, up to 10 leaves
- Multi-stage leaf-spine fabric (leaf-spine-spine-leaf)
- Can start at the smallest scale (single leaf) and grow horizontally
Provides HA in following scenarios
- Controller instance failure (requires 3 or 5 node ONOS cluster)
- Link failures
- Spine failure
Further HA support in following failure scenarios with dual-homing enabled
- Leaf failure
- Upstream router failure
- Host NIC failure
Trellis has been tested at the following scale.
In Production
- Up to 80k routes (with route optimization)
- 170k Flows
- 600 direct-attached hosts
- 8 leaf switches
- 2 spine switches
In Pre-Production
- Up to 120k routes (with route optimization)
- 250k flows
- 600 direct-attached hosts
- 8 leaf switches
- 2 spine switches
- TLS-secured connection between controllers and switches (premium feature)
- AAA 802.1x authentication
- MACSec (L2 encapsulation)
- Support for Stratum, P4Runtime and gNMI and P4 programs
- Innovative services enabled by programmable pipeline
- BNG PPPoE, anti-spoofing, accounting and more
- GTP encap/decap
Overlay Support
Can be used/integrated with 3rd party overlay networks (e.g. OpenStack Neutron, Kubernetes CNI)
Orchestrator Support
Can be integrated with external orchestrator, logging, telemetry and alarm service via REST apis and Kafka events
Controller Server Specs
Recommended (per ONOS instance)
- CPU: 32 Cores
- RAM: 128GB RAM. 65GB dedicated to ONOS JVM heap (based on 50K routes)
Whitebox Switch Hardware
- Multi-vendor: Edgecore, QCT, Delta, Inventec
- Multi-chipset
- Broadcom Tomahawk, Trident2, Qumran
- Barefoot Tofino
- 1/10G, 25G, 40G to 100G
- Refer to :doc:`Supported Hardware <supported-hardware>` for the most up-to-date hardware list
Whitebox Switch Software
- Open source ONL, ONIE and Indigo OF client
- (in production) OF-DPA software commercial version contact Broadcom
- (in labs/trials) OF-DPA software community version available from ONF (for
switch models based on Trident and Tomahawk, not Qumran)
- (in labs/trails) Stratum available from ONF