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Quick Start
Trellis in a Box
`Trellis in a Box (TiaB)
<>`_ is a
software emulated environment that allows people to run Trellis without
hardware switches.
TiaB comes with a few Mininet scripts that emulate various network topologies
from a **simple 2x2 leaf-spine** to a **full multi-stage** fabric.
The configurations corresponding to each topology are also packaged together
such that you can start the environment right away.
Currently TiaB only emulates the data plane, meaning that you will have to run
ONOS separately.
We plan to integrate the control plane (ONOS) in the future.
Trellis with Stratum
There is another tutorial of `How to Use Trellis with Stratum Switches
This is also a software emulated environment similar to TiaB. But unlike TiaB,
this tutorial uses ``stratum-bmv2`` to emulate the data plane switches instead
of ``ovs``.
This tutorial focuses more on Trellis and Stratum integration and therefore
only demonstrates a **simple 2x2 leaf-spine** topology.