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module msea-sa-filtering {
namespace "";
prefix "msea-saf";
import ietf-inet-types {
prefix inet;
revision-date 2013-07-15;
import msea-types {
prefix msea;
revision-date 2016-02-29;
"Microsemi Inc., FTD Division";
"Web URL:
Postal: Microsemi Corporation Corporate Headquarters
One Enterprise Aliso Viejo,
CA 92656
Phone: +1 949 380 6100
Fax: +1 949 215-4996";
"This YANG module add Source Address Filtering for IPv4 packets to
the Optics(eth0) port (only) of the Edge Assure device.
Copyright 2016 Microsemi Inc.
All rights reserved.";
revision "2016-04-12" {
"Initial version - Sean Condon, Microsemi";
container source-ipaddress-filtering {
presence "Supports IPv4 Source Address Filtering";
container interface-eth0 {
leaf filter-admin-state {
type enumeration {
enum inactive {
description "Source address filtering is inactive";
enum whitelist {
description "Only IPv4 packets from the source
address ranges are allowed in to the device on the
Optics(eth0) port. All non IPv4 packets are not
filtered by this whitelist";
enum blacklist {
description "All IPv4 packets from the source
address ranges are blocked from entering the device
on the Optics(eth0) port. All other packets are not
filtered by this blacklist";
default inactive;
description "This attribute sets the address range to be used as
either a whitelist or a blacklist of IPv4 packets.
When activating the filter the user should be careful not to
block or exclude the management IP address of the manager";
list source-address-range {
key range-id;
max-elements 10;
unique ipv4-address-prefix;
unique name;
leaf range-id {
type uint8 {
range "1..10";
leaf name {
type string{
length "1..45";
description "An optional name for the filter range";
leaf ipv4-address-prefix {
type string {
+ '([0-9]|[1-9][0-9]|1[0-9][0-9]|2[0-4][0-9]|25[0-5])'
+ '/(([1-9])|(1[0-9])|(2[0-7]))';
mandatory true;
// msea:not-changeable;
"The ipv4-address-prefix type represents an IPv4 address prefix
in CIDR notation format. e.g. a.b.c.d/n
It consists of an address part and a mask length part.
The address part is only used up to the number of bits
specified in the length (1-27, given after the slash).
For example the value will mean an
effective range from - and
a count of 2^12 = 4096. The last 12 bits (32-20=12)
of the address is ignored because it is not within the
mask length.";
container effective-address-range {
config false;
leaf start-of-range {
type inet:ipv4-address-no-zone;
description "The calculated start of the address range";
leaf end-of-range {
type inet:ipv4-address-no-zone;
description "The calculated end of the address range";
leaf count {
type uint32;
description "The number of IPv4 addresses that match the filter";
description "The effective start and end addresses calculated
from the ipv4-address-prefix";
description "A set of address ranges to be either blacklisted or
whitelisted on ingress to the eth0(Optics) port of the device";