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# For demo with GEANT topology and three ONOS instances using vagrant devmachine
export OCI=""
export OC1=""
export OC2=""
export OC3=""
export OCN=""
export ONOS_NIC="10.100.198.*"
export ONOS_APPS=drivers,openflow,proxyarp,mobility,mlb,pathpainter
export ONOS_GROUP=sdn
export ONOS_SCENARIOS=$ONOS/tools/test/scenarios
export ONOS_TOPO=geant
export ONOS_USER=sdn
export ONOS_WEB_PASS=rocks
export ONOS_WEB_USER=onos
alias demo-reset='stc net-teardown; stc teardown; topo geant; stc setup && stc net-setup'
alias onos-down='onos-die $OC3; sleep 10; onos-service $OC3 start'