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# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Packages ONOS distributable into onos.tar.gz, or a deb file
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Build the staging directory used to produce the packages
function build_stage_dir() {
# Make sure we have the original apache karaf bits first
[ ! -d $M2_REPO ] && echo "M2 repository $M2_REPO not found" && exit 1
[ -d $ONOS_STAGE ] && echo "ONOS stage $ONOS_STAGE already exists" && exit 1
# Create the stage directory and warp into it
mkdir -p $ONOS_STAGE
# Check if Apache Karaf bits are available and if not, fetch them.
if [ ! -f $KARAF_ZIP -a ! -f $KARAF_TAR ]; then
echo "Downloading $KARAF_TAR..."
curl -sL$KARAF_VERSION.tar.gz > $KARAF_TAR
[ ! -f $KARAF_ZIP -a ! -f $KARAF_TAR ] && \
echo "Apache Karaf bits $KARAF_ZIP or $KARAF_TAR not found" && exit 1
# Unroll the Apache Karaf bits, prune them and make ONOS top-level directories.
[ -f $KARAF_ZIP ] && unzip -q $KARAF_ZIP && rm -rf $ONOS_STAGE/$KARAF_DIST/demos
[ -f $KARAF_TAR ] && tar zxf $KARAF_TAR && rm -rf $ONOS_STAGE/$KARAF_DIST/demos
mkdir bin
# Stage the ONOS admin scripts and patch in Karaf service wrapper extras
cp -r $ONOS_ROOT/tools/package/bin .
cp -r $ONOS_ROOT/tools/package/debian $ONOS_STAGE/debian
cp -r $ONOS_ROOT/tools/package/etc/* $ONOS_STAGE/$KARAF_DIST/etc
# Stage all builtin ONOS apps for factory install
onos-stage-apps $ONOS_STAGE/apps $ONOS_STAGE/$KARAF_DIST/system
# Mark the org.onosproject.drivers app active by default
touch $ONOS_STAGE/apps/org.onosproject.drivers/active
# Patch-in proper Karaf version into the startup script
$ONOS_ROOT/tools/package/bin/onos-service > bin/onos-service
$ONOS_ROOT/tools/package/bin/onos-client > bin/onos
chmod a+x bin/onos-service bin/onos
# Stage the ONOS bundles, but only those that match the version
mkdir -p $ONOS_STAGE/$KARAF_DIST/system/org/onosproject
find $M2_REPO/org/onosproject -type f -path "*/$ONOS_POM_VERSION/*" \
-name '*.jar' -o -name '*.pom' -o -name '*-features.xml' \
| grep -v -Ee '-tests.jar|-[0-9]{8}.[0-9]{6}-' \
| while read src; do
mkdir -p $(dirname $dst)
cp $src $dst
# ONOS Patching ----------------------------------------------------------------
# Patch the Apache Karaf distribution file to add ONOS features repository
perl -pi.old -e "s|^(featuresRepositories=.*)|\1,mvn:org.onosproject/onos-features/$ONOS_POM_VERSION/xml/features|" \
# Patch the Apache Karaf distribution file to load default ONOS boot features
export BOOT_FEATURES="webconsole,onos-api,onos-core,onos-incubator,onos-cli,onos-rest,onos-gui"
perl -pi.old -e "s|^(featuresBoot=.*)|\1,$BOOT_FEATURES|" \
# Patch the Apache Karaf distribution with ONOS branding bundle
cp $M2_REPO/org/onosproject/onos-branding/$ONOS_POM_VERSION/onos-branding-*.jar \
# Patch in the ONOS version file
function build_compressed_package() {
# Package up the ONOS tar file
# Figure out whether we should build ONOS zip file and if so, build it.
which zip >/dev/null && [ -z "$ONOS_TAR_ONLY" ] && buildZip=true || unset buildZip
[ -n "$buildZip" ] && zip -rq $ONOS_ZIP $ONOS_BITS
# Report on the archives that were built and clean-up
[ -n "$buildZip" ] && ls -lh $ONOS_TAR $ONOS_ZIP || ls -lh $ONOS_TAR
# Build a DEB package
function build_deb() {
echo "You need to be root in order to generate a proper DEB package."
sudo rm -fr $ONOS_DEB_ROOT
mkdir -p $ONOS_DEB_ROOT/opt/
mkdir -p $ONOS_DEB_ROOT/etc/init
echo "Package: onos"
echo "Architecture: all"
echo "Maintainer: ONOS Project"
echo "Depends: debconf (>= 0.5.00), default-jre-headless (>= 1.8) | openjdk-8-jre | oracle-java8-installer"
echo "Priority: optional"
echo "Version: $ONOS_POM_VERSION"
echo "Description: Open Network Operating System (ONOS) is an"
echo " opensource SDN controller."
cp -r $ONOS_STAGE $ONOS_DEB_ROOT/opt/onos
cp $ONOS_ROOT/tools/package/debian/onos.conf $ONOS_DEB_ROOT/etc/init/
mkdir -p $ONOS_DEB_ROOT/opt/onos/var/
sudo chown -R root:root $ONOS_DEB_ROOT
sudo dpkg-deb --build $ONOS_DEB_ROOT > /dev/null &&
sudo mv $ONOS_STAGE_ROOT/deb.deb $ONOS_DEB && ls -l $ONOS_DEB
# Script entry point
[ ! -d "$ONOS_ROOT" ] && echo "ONOS_ROOT is not defined" >&2 && exit 1
. $ONOS_ROOT/tools/build/envDefaults
# Bail on any errors
set -e
# Before starting make sure the environment is clan - delete onos staging folder
rm -fr $ONOS_STAGE
# If there are parameters check if we want to build a deb - otherwise build tar.gz
case ${1:---tar} in
"--tar") build_stage_dir
"--deb") build_stage_dir
*) echo "usage: $(basename $0) [--tar|--deb]" >&2 && exit 1