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# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Tool to perform a cell-based remote bazel build using a borrowed test cell.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Check environment
[ -z "$OCN" ] && echo "Cell environment not established" && exit 1
# Check arguments and environment
baseCommit=${1:-$(git log | grep origin/master | head -n1 | cut -d\ -f2)}
# Create a patch file
git diff $baseCommit > /tmp/$baseCommit.patch
# Copy patch file to the remote build machine
scp /tmp/$baseCommit.patch $ONOS_USER@$OCN:/tmp
ssh -t -t $ONOS_USER@$OCN "
source ~/.bash_aliases
# Clean-up the workspace and stash away any changes.
git clean -f
git stash
# Make sure the remote build machine is on the same commit hash as the local one
remoteCommit=\$(git log -n 1 | head -n1 | cut -d\ -f2)
if [ "\$remoteCommit" != "$baseCommit" ]; then
git checkout master
git pull
git checkout $baseCommit
# Apply the patch if necessary
[ -s /tmp/$baseCommit.patch ] && git apply /tmp/$baseCommit.patch
# Run the build (neutralizing known environment mutations in SSH sessions)
SHLVL=1 SSH_CLIENT=0 SSH_CONNECTION=0 bazel build onos