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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This script prepares this ONOS directory so that the Sonar Scanner can be run.
# - Build ONOS
# - Run tests on a per module basis, stage surefire-reports and jacoco.exec
# - Generate file
import json
import os
from shutil import copy, copytree, rmtree
from subprocess import call, check_call, check_output
# FIXME pull the version from the Buck version file
# SonarQube property file name and template
ROOT_TEMPLATE = '''# Auto-generated properties file
sonar.sourceEncoding=UTF-8 = 1.8 = 1.8
sonar.junit.reportsPath = surefire-reports
# global jacoco
#sonar.jacoco.reportPath = %(jacoco)s
# local jacoco
sonar.jacoco.reportPath = jacoco.exec
BUCK = 'onos-buck'
# Change to $ONOS_ROOT
ONOS_ROOT = os.environ[ 'ONOS_ROOT' ]
os.chdir( ONOS_ROOT )
def splitTarget(target):
path, module = target.split(':', 2)
path = path.replace('//', '', 1)
return path, module
def runCmd(cmd):
output = check_output( cmd ).rstrip()
return output.split('\n') if output else []
# TODO do we need to start with a clean slate?
#runCmd([BUCK, 'clean'])
# Find all onos_jar rules
targets = runCmd([BUCK, 'query', "kind('onos_jar', '//...')"])
#targets = ['//core/net:onos-core-net']
print targets
non_osgi_targets = ['%s#non-osgi' % t for t in targets]
# Build all targets to fill buck-out/bin
print runCmd([BUCK, 'build', '--no-cache'] + targets + non_osgi_targets)
# Find all tests associated with onos_jar rules
#FIXME we may want to insert kind('java_test', testsof...)
output = runCmd([BUCK, 'query', '--json', "testsof('%s')"] + targets)
test_map = json.loads(output[0])
# Flatten the values in the test target map
test_targets = [t for ts in test_map.values() for t in ts]
print test_targets
# Build run tests
#print runCmd([BUCK, 'test', '--no-cache', '--code-coverage', '--no-results-cache'] + test_targets)
# Build the sonar rules for each target
sonar_files = runCmd([BUCK, 'build', '--show-output'] + ['%s-sonar' % t for t in (targets + test_targets)])
sonar_files = dict([i.split(' ') for i in sonar_files[1:]]) # drop the first line; it's boilerplate
print sonar_files
def write_module(target, out):
path, module_name = splitTarget(target)
out.write('%s.sonar.projectBaseDir=%s\n' % ( module_name, path ))
out.write('%(name)s.sonar.projectName=%(name)s\n' % {'name': module_name})
tests = test_map[target] if target in test_map else []
module_targets = [target] + tests
for property in [sonar_files[t+'-sonar'] for t in module_targets]:
print property
with open(property, 'r') as f:
for line in f.readlines():
out.write('%s.%s' % (module_name, line))
if tests:
rmtree(path + '/surefire-reports', ignore_errors=True)
rmtree('surefire-reports', ignore_errors=True)
runCmd([BUCK, 'test',
'--no-cache', '--no-results-cache',
'--surefire-xml', 'surefire-reports'
] + tests)
copy('buck-out/gen/jacoco/jacoco.exec', path)
#write jacoco.exec path to out; not needed.. this is the default
copytree('surefire-reports', path + '/surefire-reports')
# Write the sonar properties file
with open(FILE_NAME, 'w') as out:
out.write(ROOT_TEMPLATE % {
'name': 'onos',
'key': 'org.onosproject:onos',
'version': ONOS_VERSION,
'jacoco': '%s/buck-out/gen/jacoco/jacoco.exec' % ONOS_ROOT,
'modules': ','.join([splitTarget(t)[1] for t in targets])
for target in targets:
print target
write_module(target, out)