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# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Changes ONOS version in POM files, and other release artifacts.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
set -e
[ ! -d "$ONOS_ROOT" ] && echo "ONOS_ROOT is not defined" >&2 && exit 1
. $ONOS_ROOT/tools/build/envDefaults
export NEW_VERSION=$1
[ -z "$NEW_VERSION" ] && echo "New ONOS version not specified" && exit 1
# Augment the version of the main pom and the modules nested underneath.
mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=$NEW_VERSION versions:commit
# Augment the version of the Java API pom files and the overview.html file.
for pom in docs/internal.xml docs/external.xml; do
sed -i "" -E "1,/<version>/s/<version>[^<]*</<version>$NEW_VERSION</g" $pom
sed -i "" -E "1,/<doctitle>/s/<doctitle>ONOS Java API[^<]*</<doctitle>ONOS Java API ($NEW_VERSION)</g" $pom
# Augment the version in envDefaults, and archetypes test
sed -i "" -E "s/ONOS_VERSION:-[^$]*/ONOS_VERSION:-$NEW_VERSION_SHORT./" $ONOS_ROOT/tools/build/envDefaults
sed -i "" -E "s/features\/.*\/xml/features\/$NEW_VERSION\/xml/" $ONOS_ROOT/tools/test/topos/
sed -i "" -E "s/ -Dversion=.*\"/ -Dversion=$NEW_VERSION\"/" $ONOS_ROOT/tools/test/bin/onos-archetypes-test
sed -i "" -E "s/ONOS_POM_VERSION=.*\"/ONOS_POM_VERSION=\"$NEW_VERSION\"/" $ONOS_ROOT/tools/build/envDefaults
# Augment the version in jdvue/bin and stc/bin
sed -i "" -E "s/VER=.*/VER=$NEW_VERSION/" $ONOS_ROOT/utils/jdvue/bin/jdvue
sed -i "" -E "s/VER=.*/VER=$NEW_VERSION/" $ONOS_ROOT/utils/stc/bin/stc
sed -i "" -E "s/VER=.*/VER=$NEW_VERSION/" $ONOS_ROOT/tools/test/bin/stc
# Augment fallback version in CoreManager
sed -i "" -E "s/Version\.version\(\"[^\"]*\"\)/Version.version(\"$NEW_VERSION\")/" \
# Augment the version in archetypes tree.
mvn -f tools/package/archetypes/pom.xml versions:set -DnewVersion=$NEW_VERSION versions:commit
for atype in api bundle cli ui; do
sed -i "" -E "1,/<onos.version>/s/<onos.version>[^<]*</<onos.version>$NEW_VERSION</g" $pom