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# Check if onos is running; if it is, stop onos
[ -z "$(status onos 2>/dev/null | grep start)" ] && echo "onos is not running." || (
stop onos
# Wait for onos to stop up to 5 seconds
for i in $(seq 1 5); do
[ -z "$(ps -ef | grep karaf.jar | grep -v grep)" ] && break
sleep 1
[ -z "$(ps -ef | grep karaf.jar | grep -v grep)" ] && echo 'Stopped onos service' || echo 'Failed to stop onos'
# Clean up onos runtime directories
# TODO don't hardcode karaf version
rm -rf /opt/onos/apache-karaf-4.2.8/
rm -rf /opt/onos/var/*
rm -rf /opt/onos/config
rm -rf /opt/onos/options
rm -rf /opt/onos/log
#TODO consider removing the sdn user if we created it