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# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Launches the ONOS tests on the current cell environment.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
echo "This command has been deprecated and will be removed after Falcon release"
echo "Please use the 'stc setup' command instead"
set -e
[ ! -d "$ONOS_ROOT" ] && echo "ONOS_ROOT is not defined" >&2 && exit 1
. $ONOS_ROOT/tools/build/envDefaults
nodes=$(env | sort | egrep "OC[0-9]+" | cut -d= -f2)
onos-verify-cell || exit 1
for node in $nodes; do onos-install -f $node 1>/dev/null & done
# Wait for shutdown before waiting for restart
sleep 3
for node in $nodes; do onos-wait-for-start $node; done
for node in $nodes; do onos-check-logs $node; done