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load("//tools/build/bazel:osgi_java_library.bzl", "wrapped_osgi_jar")
# This OSGi bundle is needed to import extra packages on log4j2 library
# To include other packages, specify them as comma separated list.
# As reference for packages that can be imported see:
IMPORT_PACKAGES = "org.apache.kafka.clients.producer,org.apache.kafka.common.serialization"
# An empty OSGi jar bundle including a Manifest that will be merged with
# the specified fragment_host bundle.
name = "onos-log4j2-extra",
fragment_host = "org.ops4j.pax.logging.pax-logging-log4j2",
generate_pom = False,
import_packages = IMPORT_PACKAGES,
jar = ":empty-log4j2-extra-jar",
visibility = ["//visibility:public"],
deps = [],
# An empty jar so we can wrap it inside an OSGi bundle.
# The parameter resource_strip_prefix is needed to not export packages in the OSGi bundle.
name = "empty-log4j2-extra-jar",
resource_strip_prefix = "tools/package/log4j2-extra",
resources = ["empty.txt"],