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<!-- YANG Model partial HTML -->
<div id="ov-yang-model">
<div class="tabular-header">
<h2>YANG Models ({{tableData.length}} total)</h2>
<div class="ctrl-btns">
<div class="refresh" ng-class="{active: autoRefresh}"
icon icon-id="refresh" icon-size="42"
tooltip tt-msg="autoRefreshTip"
<div class="summary-list" onos-table-resize>
<div class="table-header" onos-sortable-header>
<td colId="id" col-width="130px" sortable>ID</td>
<td colId="type" sortable>Type</td>
<!-- TODO: More columns to be added -->
<div class="table-body">
<table id-prop="id">
<tr ng-if="!tableData.length" class="no-data">
<!-- TODO: set colspan to the final number of columns -->
<td colspan="2">
<tr ng-repeat="ymodel in tableData track by $index"
ng-click="selectCallback($event, ymodel)"
ng-class="{selected: === selId}"
ng-repeat-complete row-id="{{}}">
<!-- TODO: add more columns here -->