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Testing Guide
We use two open source test tools to test Trellis behavior.
- **Data Plane Testing - OFTest**
We use **OFTest** to verify the **behavior of a hardware switch** is the same as described in the OF-DPA specification.
This tool was originally developed by Big Switch and later modified by Accton.
The test cases for verifying OF-DPA behavior were written by ONF.
To learn more about OFTest and how we use it for OF-DPA verification, please visit :doc:`Data Plane Testing <testing/data-plane-testing>`.
- **Control Plane Testing - TestON**
We use **TestON** to verify the **Trellis control application behavior** when used for a leaf-spine fabric.
These tests are merged into ONOS test repository and run nightly.
To learn more about TestON, please visit :doc:`Control Plane Testing <testing/control-plane-testing>`.
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