Revert "SDFAB-242 Explicitly use wipeDeferred in the flow obj to drop ARP and NDP from pair port"

This reverts commit 90dd932cd30d5032a789120baeee96d245b47005.

Reason for revert: With this patch we are no more able to forward ARP/NDP traffic through the bridging using the pair link. Going back in the past - it looks like the original purpose was to prevent learning of hosts through the pair link and not explicitly dropped the ARP requests.

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Trellis Control Application


docker run -it --rm -v $HOME/.m2:/root/.m2 -v $PWD:/root/trellis-control -w /root/trellis-control maven:3.6.3-openjdk-11 mvn clean install

The OAR file can be located under app/target


onos-app <ip>:<port> install! app/target/segmentrouting-app-<x.y.z>.oar