1. 7bdf4d4 ISIS protocol manual merge from 1.6 due to cherry pick merge conflict by sunish vk · 8 years ago
  2. 1b2aea8 Removing gratuitous relativePath from pom.xmls by Brian O'Connor · 8 years ago
  3. e642f7c Bumping version to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT by Brian O'Connor · 8 years ago
  4. f0b17ff ONOS-4092, ONOS-4093: ISIS CLI commands by Manikandan K · 8 years ago
  5. 8dac818 Refactor protocol BUCK files to use more modern rules and format by Ray Milkey · 8 years ago
  6. be755f8 Fix maven karaf-assembly breakage due to ISIS app by Jonathan Hart · 8 years ago
  7. 6dd598c ONOS-4080 ISIS Config Provider by Kalyankumar Asangi · 8 years ago