1. afdddc1 Fix cfgdef not found at runtime for third-party apps built with Maven by Carmelo Cascone · 4 years, 5 months ago
  2. d6f88c6 Fixing Maven-based build to properly process the component configuration properties for ONOS 2.x by Thomas Vachuska · 4 years, 8 months ago
  3. f205a97 Fixing onos-maven-plugin and revving it to 2.0-SNAPSHOT. by Thomas Vachuska · 5 years ago
  4. 4df14a4 FileInputStream must be closed, or there will be a risk of memory leaks. by 柯志勇10068695 · 5 years ago
  5. bcc2ce9 Generate copyright year in swagger template code by Yuta HIGUCHI · 6 years ago
  6. a09fe5b Updating Copyright line to Open Networking Foundation by Brian O'Connor · 6 years ago
  7. a09e1bb Use Collection#forEach() instead of Stream#forEach() for simplicity by Sho SHIMIZU · 7 years ago
  8. b8cd803 ONOS maven plugin can substitute any propertiesdefined in the pom by Jonathan Hart · 7 years ago
  9. de50ee5 Fixing onos-maven-plugin App Mojo by Sanjana Agarwal · 7 years ago
  10. 5ab426f Updating copyrights by Brian O'Connor · 8 years ago
  11. afae2f7 Apps-- added onos.app.title property to applications. by Simon Hunt · 8 years ago
  12. 547c205 Fail the build if @onos.rsModel specified model json does not exist by HIGUCHI Yuta · 8 years ago
  13. ef7e290 Make use of Optional more idiomatic by Sho SHIMIZU · 8 years ago
  14. 97d6b2d [ONOS-3635] Implement List view for extended application properties by Jian Li · 8 years ago
  15. 8bcb4f2 [ONOS-3634] Remove readme tag from app.xml by Jian Li · 8 years ago
  16. c35415d [ONOS-3634] Enhance app to have a category, icon, URL and readme by Jian Li · 8 years ago
  17. 82baf6b ONOS-3607 Add Criteria model for Flows REST Api with field description. by Andrea Campanella · 8 years ago
  18. 4fd3ceb [Falcon] fixes for Sonar Critical bugs by Ray Milkey · 8 years ago
  19. 260645b ONOS-3530 Fix array out of bounds in case of no @param value description by Andrea Campanella · 8 years ago
  20. 10c4adc ONOS-2706 Changing rsModel annotation to onos.rsModel by Andrea Campanella · 8 years ago
  21. e22731b [ONOS-3394] Remove network configuration model from SwaggerUi and line stripping for better swagger.json formatting. by Andrea Campanella · 8 years ago
  22. d35f89c [ONOS-3405] Change EthType Json encoding to Hex and extend decoding with Hex support alongside int by andrea · 8 years ago
  23. 016bef7 Fixing features.xml so that they don't self-reference. by Thomas Vachuska · 8 years ago
  24. 863201a [ONOS-3406] change consumes type in SwaggerUI for REST post method to octet_stream by andrea · 8 years ago
  25. fa776af Allowing white spaces in onos.app.requires property. by Thomas Vachuska · 8 years ago
  26. faa2c4b [ONOS-2706] Insert Support for REST API model schema in Swagger UI by andrea · 8 years ago
  27. 761f004 ONOS-1684 Added support for app dependencies. by Thomas Vachuska · 8 years ago
  28. 0fa2aa1 ONOS-2486 Adding swagger-based REST API documentation. by Thomas Vachuska · 8 years ago
  29. 372d1f3 ONOS-2485 Autogenerate swagger JSON files from WebResource classes by Sahil Lele · 8 years ago
  30. 41e8c18 Simplified app packaging to use just project.version rather than short.version. by Thomas Vachuska · 9 years ago
  31. 586afd8 Removing need for boilerplate app.xml; Instead defining onos.app.name and onos.app.origin (optional) is sufficient to trigger generation of boilerplate app.xml and features.xml files. by Thomas Vachuska · 9 years ago
  32. bf7eca5 Updating onos-maven-plugin to use localRepository from Maven by Brian O'Connor · 9 years ago
  33. a7a0220 Fixed a defect on OnosAppMojo to allow apps to properly stage their own artifacts. by Thomas Vachuska · 9 years ago
  34. a98ae7f ONOS-1290 Implemented OnosAppMojo for packaging and installing ONOS apps as Maven artifacts. by Thomas Vachuska · 9 years ago
  35. 8c8b037 Adding OnosCfgMojo to the onos maven plugin. by Thomas Vachuska · 9 years ago