1. a09fe5b Updating Copyright line to Open Networking Foundation by Brian O'Connor · 7 years ago
  2. 888e20a Remove host location when port down or device down by Charles Chan · 7 years ago
  3. 1462982 remove unused code and listener at deactive function in ovsdb provider by Frank Wang · 7 years ago
  4. 1af0ae5 [ONOS-5778] OVSDB protocol-OVSDB controller connection failure (maximum retry exceeded failure) by jaegonkim · 7 years ago
  5. 5ab426f Updating copyrights by Brian O'Connor · 8 years ago
  6. dc08344 remove hostDetected() method that was deprecated in Drake by Ray Milkey · 8 years ago
  7. 65609ff ONOS-3236 Ovsdb host's vlanid is null,it should be the default value -1. by jiangrui · 8 years ago
  8. 5fb20a5 CORD-160 Add connect and disconnect methods to ovsdb by Hyunsun Moon · 9 years ago
  9. c40e5ed ONOS-2926 Remove IP instead of host when the IP mapping is released by samanwita pal · 9 years ago
  10. f107bd7 ONOS-2947 Improvements to HostService by Brian O'Connor · 9 years ago
  11. 38a8821 change to LF line-endings; not CRLF. by Madan Jampani · 9 years ago
  12. b786e61 ONOS-2624 Fix host annotations of host description by CNlucius · 9 years ago
  13. f26445a [ONOS-2262] - OVSDB -- Create the implementation of HostProvider using by YuanyouZhang · 9 years ago