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This yang model is just for fuction ONOS opensource project demo purpose only,
And is subject to change in future, Huawei does not commit provide compatibilty
in commercial product.
module ne-l3vpncomm {
namespace "ne-l3vpn-comm";
prefix "l3vpncomm";
import ne-l3vpncomm-type {
prefix l3vpncomm-type;
organization "Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd";
contact "Huawei Industrial Base
Bantian, Longgang
Shenzhen 518129
People's Republic of China
description "";
revision "2014-12-25" {
description "Initial version";
grouping l3vpnIfs {
container l3vpnIfs {
description "";
list l3vpnIf {
key "ifName";
description "interface Name.";
leaf ifName {
type string;
description "interface Name";
leaf ipv4Addr {
when "subnetMask != null";
mandatory "true";
type "l3vpncomm-type:ipv4Address";
description "Interface Address.";
leaf subnetMask {
when "ipv4Addr != null";
mandatory "true";
type "l3vpncomm-type:ipv4Address";
description "Interface address mask.";