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ONOS Open ROADM Application

Welcome to the ONOS Open ROADM application. Please refer to the ONOS wiki for the latest documentation:


This ONOS app consists of the Open ROADM YANG data models compiled to Java, and loads the schema into the YANG runtime where it becomes available to the dynamic config subsystem and the NETCONF/RESTCONF serializers.

Service implementers have access to the complete data model in Java. Alternatively, one can interact with the different data models using RESTCONF / NETCONF northbound APIs. A distributed store for dynamic configuration data is automatically maintained by ONOS. All of this functionality is available for the device, network and service models defined by Open ROADM.

This application supports the latest available version of Open ROADM, Version 1.2.1 (released Feb 6th, 2017).

What is Open ROADM MSA?

The Open ROADM Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) defines interoperability specifications for Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADM). Included are the ROADM switch as well as transponders and pluggable optics. Specifications consist of both Optical interoperability as well as YANG data models.

How to run

After compilation, load the following applications:

  • org.onosproject.openroadm (this will load all the dependencies below)
  • org.onosproject.yang
  • org.onosproject.yms
  • org.onosproject.config
  • org.onosproject.restconf
  • org.onosproject.protocols.restconfserver
  • org.onosproject.netconf
  • org.onosproject.netconfsb
  • org.onosproject.yang-gui if you want to visualize the model in the ONOS UI


In order to successfully compile the YANG models, standard models were added to the tree, as well as a few changes were introduced.

The standard models that were included are:

We deleted the following YANG model because the YANG parser was not able to deal with the augment block.

  • org-openroadm-optical-multiplex-interfaces.yang

We commented out the following extension definitions, as well as any reference to these extension.

  • nc:get-filter-element-attributes
  • nacm:default-deny-all
  • nacm:default-deny-write

Finally, we used ONOS YANG tools version 1.12.0-b7.

Useful links

To learn more about the ONOS project, check out our website and our wiki.

To learn more about the Open ROADM MSA, check out the website and the GitHub page.