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OFAgent : OpenFlow agent for virtual subsystem

What is OFAgent?

OFAgent is an OpenFlow agent which exposes virtual network to the external OpenFlow controllers.

Top-Level Features

  • TODO: add features.

OFAgent Tracer how-to

Builtin OFAgent tracer enables filtering of OFAgent logs per specific OFAgent tenant. Tracer is not enabled by default. Steps required for its activation are:

  1. Create Karaf alias ofagent_tracer by executing CLI command: onos>ofagent_tracer = { log:display | grep "OFAGENT_tenantId:" | grep "$1" }

  2. Use ofagent_tracer in form: onos>ofagent_tracer <tenant_id>

Default log level is INFO. Optionally, OFAgent log level can be changed with CLI command: log:set <log_level> org.onosproject.ofagent where <log_level> can be TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL.

Note 1.: Useful Karaf CLI commands for changing log configuration are (reference: Apache Karaf Container 3.x - Documentation):

  • log:clear - clear the log entries

  • log:display - displays the log entries of the rootLogger

  • log:tail - exactly the same as log:display but it continuously displays the log entries

  • log:display <logger> - displays the log entries of the <logger>

  • log:exception-display - displays the last occurred exception

  • log:get - shows the current log level of a ROOT logger

  • log:get ALL - shows the current log level of all loggers

  • log:get <logger> - show the current log level of a <logger>

  • log:set <log_level> - sets <log_level> for ROOT logger

  • log:set <log_level> <logger> - sets <log_level> for <logger>

Note 2.: Karaf log4j configuration is in file $ONOS_INSTALL_DIR/apache-karaf-3.0.8/etc/org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg and it can be changed on the fly.

More documentation is available in vBrigade wiki and vBrigade weekly scrum notes.