Initial import of Microsemi Driver

Change-Id: I431d5f2c18e0b66a84c36273c3d9f0b84f223841

Added in BUCK files for building driver

Change-Id: I70681327f5b89f67e904c45d5974ab393652d51f

Corrected some syntax errors

Change-Id: I11150cc499c212005f80619e3900e747f1c23d96

Updated pom file to clean build

Change-Id: I6613ddc9e6802aa882e716cf04df210249870835

Added in utility functions for EA1000 Init

Change-Id: I51ffe0cf0daf9ffcea0e2479ee9982fcd1755440

Added YMS code to Microsemi Driver

Change-Id: I6f2a14e454c6909bf9e9f6025321c74c98c13c72

Updated driver to work with YMS and YCH

Change-Id: If7dbe3cd5bd1b6f902d09d6b2dc3895605d70f70

Implemented IetfSystemManager as a service and call on YMS as a service

Change-Id: If1c5e8482b1f53f578a3b0b770accd50024111cf

Moved YMS calls over in to Yang Service implementation

Change-Id: I044aad06f1ef7452bc48e88987787a683666cd72

improved unit test for IetfSystemManager

Change-Id: I48fbf831e7e5ca0e1ef3de8288e56da1b5ebb7a4

Major changes to IetfSystemManager to work in live system

Change-Id: I6e3aa118ba422151f314b9a666860d90905c9929

Added in retry mechanism for DeviceDescription to wait for YCH

Change-Id: If8e0f2c2f315ffd6db15627a11382a00217dd262

Added in implementation of MseaSaFiltering and unit tests

Change-Id: I34bf888e0e732bd4664d1fb8ef5abb679b1506fe

Updated driver with unit tests for MseaSaFiltering

Change-Id: I7ea2407a546622ff55d1ab21610c45697546d632

Modified removeFlowRules of Ea1000FlowRuleProgrammable

Change-Id: Ibb4a555f61887a8e6e42af588bb42f7b70f58efb

Added in manager for MseaUniEvc service with unit tests

Change-Id: Idc5853f46051548973f52a0659f7f88982ff960c

Implemented getFlowEntries() for EVCs from EA1000

Change-Id: Ie85dadfa7760f0b30a9bdf6ccd09cca9f097fff9

Added in translation of FlowRules in to EVC on EA1000

Change-Id: Icfb65171c3300c96b3ca4e18cbd327f0ed2190be

Added in handling of FlowRule deletion including complex ceVlanMaps

Change-Id: I7fd0bb0ef04d1b40e4b7d6a6db7f7ee662329780

Updated Service entries for new onos-yang-tools

Change-Id: I44e655202f3a45073e1e16f83737caed6e01afa8

Revert "Updated Service entries for new onos-yang-tools"

This reverts commit 642b550ef1de12ed59bad2eaa3a2da414d2e5e59.

Improved timeout mechanism for YANG model loading

Change-Id: If744ecd206372e822edf2b736c83226321a12256

Minor edits of EVC creation

Change-Id: Ib0a4763deaf6dce37625ba77f5095b39cd98272d

Added in CustomEvc and supporting classes

Change-Id: Iad60eb1bcd48d2aec55b894b2d419b51852c3b2f

Created CeVlanUtils to resolve loading problem

Change-Id: I0d63931ad2c5ad2725861ebc7dccc4d5fe7b9298

Modified startup check

Change-Id: I6e6bcfa7e615044cb08fe7ee2f8a6c8b89aabb21

Modified handlin of flow rules

Change-Id: I965a79c23298866122aeb94c6d9d584aafee3bd5

Fixed problem with ceVlanMap

Change-Id: If1458c35d0b95b5b25b6636f098292f9e91c06c6

Minor Pom edits

Change-Id: I5cefb18674aa04b1f50bd7e2306260c1c3ad3814

Commented out extension references in YANG files to avoid onos-yang-tools problems

Change-Id: I32fdb34c4f476f495fe28e75d0f410aaf14e2ec1

Corrected error in removing 0 in CeVlanMapUtils

Change-Id: I8cd1fd02788b81c2613364d5639ef6e090057f80

Changes in YMS to accomodate EA1000 driver

Change-Id: I6ae2b9bd2be49eae8d4ad2f929dfe3214c514550
108 files changed
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  1. .buckconfig
  2. .dockerignore
  3. .gitignore
  4. .gitreview
  5. BUCK
  6. Dockerfile
  7. Jenkinsfile
  8. LICENSE.txt
  10. apps/
  11. buck-tools/
  12. bucklets/
  13. cli/
  14. core/
  15. docs/
  16. drivers/
  17. features/
  18. incubator/
  19. lib/
  20. models/
  21. modules.defs
  22. onos.defs
  23. pom.xml
  24. protocols/
  25. providers/
  26. tools/
  27. utils/
  28. web/

ONOS : Open Network Operating System

What is ONOS?

ONOS is a new SDN network operating system designed for high availability, performance, scale-out.

Top-Level Features

  • High availability through clustering and distributed state management.
  • Scalability through clustering and sharding of network device control.
  • Performance that is good for a first release, and which has an architecture that will continue to support improvements.
  • Northbound abstractions for a global network view, network graph, and application intents.
  • Pluggable southbound for support of OpenFlow and new or legacy protocols.
  • Graphical user interface to view multi-layer topologies and inspect elements of the topology.
  • REST API for access to Northbound abstractions as well as CLI commands.
  • CLI for debugging.
  • Support for both proactive and reactive flow setup.
  • SDN-IP application to support interworking with traditional IP networks controlled by distributed routing protocols such as BGP.
  • IP-Optical use case demonstration.

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