ONOS-1479 - GUI Topology Overlay Work - (WIP)
- UiExtension now uses Builder Pattern; added topology overlay factory.
- Refactored UiExtensionTest (and other classes) to use builder.
- Created UiTopoOverlayFactory, UiTopoOverlay, and TopoOverlayCache.
- Started implementation of TrafficOverlay.
- Inject TopoOverlayCache into TopologyViewMessageHandler; added TopoSelectOverlay request handler.
- Modified UiExtensionManager to create traffic overlay.
- Augmented UiWebSocket to create overlays on demand, and inject overlay cache into topo view message handler.
- added client side wiring to switch overlays.

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ONOS : Open Network Operating System

What is ONOS?

ONOS is a new SDN network operating system designed for high availability, performance, scale-out.

Top-Level Features

  • High availability through clustering and distributed state management.
  • Scalability through clustering and sharding of network device control.
  • Performance that is good for a first release, and which has an architecture that will continue to support improvements.
  • Northbound abstractions for a global network view, network graph, and application intents.
  • Pluggable southbound for support of OpenFlow and new or legacy protocols.
  • Graphical user interface to view multi-layer topologies and inspect elements of the topology.
  • REST API for access to Northbound abstractions as well as CLI commands.
  • CLI for debugging.
  • Support for both proactive and reactive flow setup.
  • SDN-IP application to support interworking with traditional IP networks controlled by distributed routing protocols such as BGP.
  • IP-Optical use case demonstration.

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