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#!/usr/bin/env python
#FIXME Add license
import re
import os
from zipfile import ZipFile
from tarfile import TarFile, TarInfo
import tarfile
import time
from cStringIO import StringIO
written_files = set()
now = time.time()
def addFile(tar, dest, file, file_size):
if dest not in written_files:
info = TarInfo(dest)
info.size = file_size
info.mtime = now
info.mode = 0777
tar.addfile(info, fileobj=file)
def addString(tar, dest, string):
if dest not in written_files:
print dest, string
info = TarInfo(dest)
info.size = len(string)
info.mtime = now
info.mode = 0777
file = StringIO(string)
tar.addfile(info, fileobj=file)
def stageOnos(output, version, files=[]):
base = 'onos-%s/' % version
# Note this is not a compressed zip
with, 'w:gz') as output:
for file in files:
if '.zip' in file:
with ZipFile(file, 'r') as zip_part:
for f in zip_part.infolist():
dest = f.filename
if base not in dest:
dest = base + 'apache-karaf-3.0.8/system/' + f.filename
addFile(output, dest,, f.file_size)
elif '.oar' in file:
with ZipFile(file, 'r') as oar:
app_xml ='app.xml').read()
app_name ='name="([^"]+)"', app_xml).group(1)
dest = base + 'apps/%(name)s/%(name)s.oar' % { 'name': app_name}
addFile(output, dest, open(file), os.stat(file).st_size)
dest = base + 'apps/%s/app.xml' % app_name
addString(output, dest, app_xml)
for f in oar.infolist():
filename = f.filename
if 'm2' in filename:
dest = base + 'apache-karaf-3.0.8/system/' + filename[3:]
if dest not in written_files:
addFile(output, dest,, f.file_size)
elif 'features.xml' in file:
dest = base + 'apache-karaf-3.0.8/system/org/onosproject/onos-features/%s/' % version
dest += 'onos-features-%s-features.xml' % version
with open(file) as f:
addFile(output, dest, f, os.stat(file).st_size)
addString(output, base + 'apps/org.onosproject.drivers/active', '')
addString(output, base + 'VERSION', version)
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys
if len(sys.argv) < 3:
print 'USAGE' #FIXME
output = sys.argv[1]
version = sys.argv[2]
args = sys.argv[3:]
stageOnos(output, version, args)