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~ Copyright 2016-present Open Networking Laboratory
~ Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
~ you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
~ You may obtain a copy of the License at
~ Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
~ distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
~ See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
~ limitations under the License.
<scenario name="net-single-to-multi-intent"
description="Network single point to multi point intent connectivity test">
<!-- TODO: parametrize this via recipes -->
<group name="S2M-Intent-Connectivity">
<!-- Create a single point to three points intent -->
<step name="S2M-Intent.Create-Intent-forward"
exec="onos-create-intent ${OC1} forward single-to-multi of:0000000000000011/1 of:0000000000000014/1 of:0000000000000002/1 of:000000000000000E/1"/>
<!-- Create back links from the 3 points back to the source -->
<step name="S2M-Intent.Create-Intent-back1" requires="^"
exec="onos-create-intent ${OC1} back1 point of:0000000000000014/1 of:0000000000000011/1"/>
<step name="S2M-Intent.Create-Intent-back2" requires="^"
exec="onos-create-intent ${OC1} back2 point of:0000000000000002/1 of:0000000000000011/1"/>
<step name="S2M-Intent.Create-Intent-back3" requires="^"
exec="onos-create-intent ${OC1} back3 point of:000000000000000E/1 of:0000000000000011/1"/>
<!-- Make sure intents installed properly -->
<step name="S2M-Intent.Validate-Intent-forward-Installed" requires="^"
exec="onos-check-intent ${OC1} forward INSTALLED"/>
<step name="S2M-Intent.Validate-Intent-back1-Installed" requires="^"
exec="onos-check-intent ${OC1} back1 INSTALLED"/>
<step name="S2M-Intent.Validate-Intent-back2-Installed" requires="^"
exec="onos-check-intent ${OC1} back2 INSTALLED"/>
<step name="S2M-Intent.Validate-Intent-back3-Installed" requires="^"
exec="onos-check-intent ${OC1} back3 INSTALLED"/>
<!-- Check the connectivity of the 11 <-> 14 intent -->
<step name="S2M-Intent.Ping-1-forward"
exec="onos-mininet sendAndExpect h17 ping -c1 h20 --expect \ 0% packet loss" requires="^" />
<step name="S2M-Intent.Ping-1-back"
exec="onos-mininet sendAndExpect h20 ping -c1 h17 --expect \ 0% packet loss" requires="^" />
<!-- Check the connectivity of the 11 <-> 2 intent -->
<step name="S2M-Intent.Ping-2-forward"
exec="onos-mininet sendAndExpect h17 ping -c1 h2 --expect \ 0% packet loss" requires="^" />
<step name="S2M-Intent.Ping-2-back"
exec="onos-mininet sendAndExpect h2 ping -c1 h17 --expect \ 0% packet loss" requires="^" />
<!-- Check the connectivity of the 11 <-> E intent -->
<step name="S2M-Intent.Ping-3-forward"
exec="onos-mininet sendAndExpect h17 ping -c1 h14 --expect \ 0% packet loss" requires="^" />
<step name="S2M-Intent.Ping-3-back"
exec="onos-mininet sendAndExpect h14 ping -c1 h17 --expect \ 0% packet loss" requires="^" />
<!-- Clean up intents -->
<step name="S2M-Intent.Remove-Intent-forward" requires="~S2M-Intent.Ping-3-back"
exec="onos -f ${OC1} remove-intent -p org.onosproject.cli forward"/>
<step name="S2M-Intent.Remove-Intent-back1" requires="~S2M-Intent.Ping-3-back"
exec="onos -f ${OC1} remove-intent -p org.onosproject.cli back1"/>
<step name="S2M-Intent.Remove-Intent-back2" requires="~S2M-Intent.Ping-3-back"
exec="onos -f ${OC1} remove-intent -p org.onosproject.cli back2"/>
<step name="S2M-Intent.Remove-Intent-back3" requires="~S2M-Intent.Ping-3-back"
exec="onos -f ${OC1} remove-intent -p org.onosproject.cli back3"/>