Added initial implementation of Topology-related event and
event metrics collector. It can be loaded by one of the following two (new)
features: onos-app-metrics, onos-app-metrics-topology

After loading the module, it subscribes for topology-related events
and keeps the following state:
 (a) The last 10 events
 (b) The timestamp of the last event (ms after epoch) as observed by this
 (c) The rate of the topology events: count, median rate, average rate
     over the last 1, 5 or 15 minutes

The following CLI commands are added:
 * onos:topology-events
   Shows the last 10 topology events

 * onos:topology-events-metrics
   Shows the timestamp of the last event, and the rate of the topology
   events: see (b) and (c) above
11 files changed