ONOS Network Troubleshooting System

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ONOS Network Troubleshooting System

Modularity design. In present, include these tow module:
1. Routing Loop Detection

Welcome your contribution for more modules in the future...

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

new: withdraw blackhole tracing for redesign;
     fix obvious checkstyle problem.

Change-Id: Id6d3aa0bc00c8da8ac046e6903f17cfdf954d919
diff --git a/modules.defs b/modules.defs
index 5e4a315..73b80c4 100644
--- a/modules.defs
+++ b/modules.defs
@@ -190,7 +190,8 @@
-    '//apps/cord-support:onos-apps-cord-support-oar'
+    '//apps/cord-support:onos-apps-cord-support-oar',
+    '//apps/network-troubleshoot:onos-apps-network-troubleshoot-oar'