Replaced IpPrefix and IpAddress in the following methods
and cleanup related code:

 - Host.ipAddresses()
 - DefaultHost.ipAddresses()
 - HostDescription.ipAddress()
 - DefaultHostDescription.ipAddress()
 - HostService.getHostsByIp()
 - HostManager.getHostsByIp()
 - HostStore.getHosts()
 - GossipHostStore.getHosts()
 - SimpleHostStore.getHosts()
 - ProxyArpService.known()
 - ProxyArpManager.known()

As a result of the above cleanup, the "hosts" CLI command outputs
the IP addresses as "" instead of "".

Also, the following REST calls might be affected as well with
the above format replacement:
  - REST POST: config/topology
  - REST GET: topology/graph
29 files changed