Secure LLDP-based Topology Detection

Current LLDP/BDDP-based Topology Detection is vulnerable to the
creation of fake links via forged, modified, or replayed LLDP packets.
This patch fixes this vulnerability by authenticating LLDP/BDDP packets
using a Message Authentication Code and adding a timestamp to prevent
replay. We use HMAC with SHA-256 has our Messge Authentication Code and
derive the key from the config/cluster.json file via the
ClusterMetadata class.

Change-Id: I01dd6edc5cffd6dfe274bcdb97189f2661a6c4f1
diff --git a/tools/package/onos-run-karaf b/tools/package/onos-run-karaf
index b0c371f..ac58826 100755
--- a/tools/package/onos-run-karaf
+++ b/tools/package/onos-run-karaf
@@ -54,12 +54,13 @@
     [ -d $ONOS_DIR/config ] || mkdir -p $ONOS_DIR/config
     cat > $ONOS_DIR/config/cluster.json <<-EOF
-      "name": "default",
+      "name": "default-$RANDOM",
       "node": {
         "id": "$IP",
         "ip": "$IP",
         "port": 9876
-      }
+      },
+      "clusterSecret": "$RANDOM"