Updates to the SDN-IP CLI:

 * Added command options to show summary of the routes:
   - "onos:routes -s" or "onos:routes --summary"
     shows summary of the SDN-IP routes
   - "onos:bgp-routes -s" or "onos:bgp-routes --summary"
     shows summary of the BGP routes

 * Implemented displaying JSON output for the "onos:routes" and
   "onos:bgp-routes" commands (and the routes summary)

Also, added static methods BgpConstants.Update.AsPath.typeToString()
and BgpConstants.Update.Origin.typeToString() to return the
BGP AS_PATH type and BGP UPDATE ORIGIN type as a string.

Change-Id: I505c55a924721838bbbaf4ffccc30ffd61e90120
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