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Ciena 5170

This driver allows connection to the Ciena 5170

The User Guide for this product is available on request from Ciena, and gives a full explanation of the theory of operation, functionality and how all functions can be accessed through the REST interface.

Currently only a subset of it's functionality is supported through ONOS, but this will expand to full functionality in future releases.

More information about ONOS's NETCONF support can be found at

Compile and Installation

Currently this driver is built using BUCK

All that is required to activate the driver is to run the following at the ONOS CLI

app activate org.onosproject.drivers.ciena.c5170


Creating Devices

Ciena 5170 Devices are not Openflow devices. The connectivity is initiated from ONOS. They have to be created through the network/configuration interface in ONOS.

  • The name must follow the format netconf:ipaddr:port
  • The ip and port must correspond to the ip and port in the name (above).
  • The connect-timeout and reply-timeout are optional and control NETCONF communication timeouts
  • The name is optional and allows you to set a human friendly name for the device
curl -X POST
  -H 'Authorization: Basic b25vczpyb2Nrcw==' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "devices": {
      "netconf:": {
        "netconf": {
          "port": 830,
          "ip": "",
          "username": "su",
          "password": "cws",
          "connect-timeout": 120,
          "reply-timeout": 640
        "basic": {
          "driver": "ciena-c5170-netconf",
          "name": "my-switch"

Verify Connected Device

When the 5170 is configured and connected is should be visible in ONOS through the devices command.

onos> devices
id=netconf:, available=true, local-status=connected 1s ago, role=MASTER, type=SWITCH, mfr=Ciena, hw=CN5170, sw=saos-01-01-00-0025, serial=1C1161D18800, driver=ciena-5170-netconf, gridX=null, gridY=null, ipaddress=, latitude=null, locType=none, longitude=null, name=s6, port=830, protocol=NETCONF