Bug fixes for ONOS-3509

- Forwarding behavior added to {Device,Link}Store by ONOS-490
  cauesed false update information sent from ONOS node, which has been detached from the cluster,
  to be accepted by rest of the cluster after the detached node has rejoined cluster.

- Fix for periodic mastership check was left out
  when MastershipService#requestRoleFor(..) return value was changed to Future.

- Fix for triggerProbe() related messages getting dropped,
  right after STANDBY -> MASTER role change.

- Local state (connectedDevices) was preventing
  vertical (Core -> switch) Mastership state synchronization.

- Various debug log, comment added during investigation.

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ONOS : Open Network Operating System

What is ONOS?

ONOS is a new SDN network operating system designed for high availability, performance, scale-out.

Top-Level Features

  • High availability through clustering and distributed state management.
  • Scalability through clustering and sharding of network device control.
  • Performance that is good for a first release, and which has an architecture that will continue to support improvements.
  • Northbound abstractions for a global network view, network graph, and application intents.
  • Pluggable southbound for support of OpenFlow and new or legacy protocols.
  • Graphical user interface to view multi-layer topologies and inspect elements of the topology.
  • REST API for access to Northbound abstractions as well as CLI commands.
  • CLI for debugging.
  • Support for both proactive and reactive flow setup.
  • SDN-IP application to support interworking with traditional IP networks controlled by distributed routing protocols such as BGP.
  • IP-Optical use case demonstration.

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