Cleanup in the SDN-IP related configuration files:
 * The (deployed) Interface addresses configuration file "addresses.json"
   from the apps/config application is expected to be found in the
   /opt/onos/config directory

 * The (deployed) SDN-IP configuration file "sdnip.json" is expected
   to be found in the /opt/onos/config directory

 * All configuration files (i.e., addresses.json and sdnip.json) should
   be stored in the tools/package/config directory before deployment
   (i.e., before running onos-config)

 * Removed the apps/config/src/main/resources/config.json sample configuration
   file, because it was incorrect, and replaced it with "addresses.json"
   file in the same directory

 * Updated the text in files tools/package/config/README and

 * Minor code cleanup in and

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