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* Copyright 2017-present Open Networking Foundation
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef __HEADER__
#define __HEADER__
#include "define.p4"
#include "int/int_header.p4"
header packet_in_header_t {
port_num_t ingress_port;
bit<7> _pad;
header packet_out_header_t {
port_num_t egress_port;
bit<7> _pad;
header ethernet_t {
mac_addr_t dst_addr;
mac_addr_t src_addr;
// NOTE: splitting the eth_type from the ethernet header helps to match on
// the actual eth_type without checking validity bit of the VLAN tags.
header eth_type_t {
bit<16> value;
header vlan_tag_t {
bit<16> eth_type;
bit<3> pri;
bit<1> cfi;
vlan_id_t vlan_id;
header mpls_t {
bit<20> label;
bit<3> tc;
bit<1> bos;
bit<8> ttl;
header pppoe_t {
bit<4> version;
bit<4> type_id;
bit<8> code;
bit<16> session_id;
bit<16> length;
bit<16> protocol;
header ipv4_t {
bit<4> version;
bit<4> ihl;
bit<6> dscp;
bit<2> ecn;
bit<16> total_len;
bit<16> identification;
bit<3> flags;
bit<13> frag_offset;
bit<8> ttl;
bit<8> protocol;
bit<16> hdr_checksum;
bit<32> src_addr;
bit<32> dst_addr;
header ipv6_t {
bit<4> version;
bit<8> traffic_class;
bit<20> flow_label;
bit<16> payload_len;
bit<8> next_hdr;
bit<8> hop_limit;
bit<128> src_addr;
bit<128> dst_addr;
header tcp_t {
bit<16> sport;
bit<16> dport;
bit<32> seq_no;
bit<32> ack_no;
bit<4> data_offset;
bit<3> res;
bit<3> ecn;
bit<6> ctrl;
bit<16> window;
bit<16> checksum;
bit<16> urgent_ptr;
header udp_t {
bit<16> sport;
bit<16> dport;
bit<16> len;
bit<16> checksum;
header icmp_t {
bit<8> icmp_type;
bit<8> icmp_code;
bit<16> checksum;
bit<16> identifier;
bit<16> sequence_number;
bit<64> timestamp;
#ifdef WITH_SPGW
// GTPU v1
header gtpu_t {
bit<3> version; /* version */
bit<1> pt; /* protocol type */
bit<1> spare; /* reserved */
bit<1> ex_flag; /* next extension hdr present? */
bit<1> seq_flag; /* sequence no. */
bit<1> npdu_flag; /* n-pdn number present ? */
bit<8> msgtype; /* message type */
bit<16> msglen; /* message length */
teid_t teid; /* tunnel endpoint id */
struct spgw_meta_t {
bit<16> ipv4_len;
teid_t teid;
bit<16> tunnel_src_port;
bit<32> tunnel_src_addr;
bit<32> tunnel_dst_addr;
pdr_ctr_id_t ctr_id;
far_id_t far_id;
spgw_interface_t src_iface;
_BOOL skip_spgw;
_BOOL notify_spgwc;
_BOOL needs_gtpu_encap;
_BOOL needs_gtpu_decap;
_BOOL skip_egress_pdr_ctr;
#endif // WITH_SPGW
#ifdef WITH_BNG
typedef bit<2> bng_type_t;
const bng_type_t BNG_TYPE_INVALID = 2w0x0;
const bng_type_t BNG_TYPE_UPSTREAM = 2w0x1;
const bng_type_t BNG_TYPE_DOWNSTREAM = 2w0x2;;
struct bng_meta_t {
bit<2> type; // upstream or downstream
bit<32> line_id; // subscriber line
bit<16> pppoe_session_id;
bit<32> ds_meter_result; // for downstream metering
vlan_id_t s_tag;
vlan_id_t c_tag;
#endif // WITH_BNG
//Custom metadata definition
struct fabric_metadata_t {
bit<16> ip_eth_type;
vlan_id_t vlan_id;
bit<3> vlan_pri;
bit<1> vlan_cfi;
_BOOL push_double_vlan;
vlan_id_t inner_vlan_id;
bit<3> inner_vlan_pri;
bit<1> inner_vlan_cfi;
mpls_label_t mpls_label;
bit<8> mpls_ttl;
_BOOL skip_forwarding;
_BOOL skip_next;
fwd_type_t fwd_type;
next_id_t next_id;
_BOOL is_multicast;
_BOOL is_controller_packet_out;
bit<8> ip_proto;
bit<16> l4_sport;
bit<16> l4_dport;
bit<32> ipv4_src_addr;
bit<32> ipv4_dst_addr;
#ifdef WITH_SPGW
bit<16> inner_l4_sport;
bit<16> inner_l4_dport;
spgw_meta_t spgw;
#endif // WITH_SPGW
#ifdef WITH_BNG
bng_meta_t bng;
#endif // WITH_BNG
#ifdef WITH_INT
int_metadata_t int_meta;
#endif // WITH_INT
struct parsed_headers_t {
ethernet_t ethernet;
vlan_tag_t vlan_tag;
vlan_tag_t inner_vlan_tag;
eth_type_t eth_type;
#ifdef WITH_BNG
pppoe_t pppoe;
#endif // WITH_BNG
mpls_t mpls;
#ifdef WITH_SPGW
ipv4_t gtpu_ipv4;
udp_t gtpu_udp;
gtpu_t outer_gtpu;
gtpu_t gtpu;
ipv4_t inner_ipv4;
udp_t inner_udp;
tcp_t inner_tcp;
icmp_t inner_icmp;
#endif // WITH_SPGW
ipv4_t ipv4;
#ifdef WITH_IPV6
ipv6_t ipv6;
#endif // WITH_IPV6
tcp_t tcp;
udp_t udp;
icmp_t icmp;
packet_out_header_t packet_out;
packet_in_header_t packet_in;
// INT Report encap
ethernet_t report_ethernet;
eth_type_t report_eth_type;
ipv4_t report_ipv4;
udp_t report_udp;
// INT Report header (support only fixed)
report_fixed_header_t report_fixed_header;
// local_report_t report_local;
#endif // WITH_INT_SINK
#ifdef WITH_INT
// INT specific headers
intl4_shim_t intl4_shim;
int_header_t int_header;
int_switch_id_t int_switch_id;
int_port_ids_t int_port_ids;
int_hop_latency_t int_hop_latency;
int_q_occupancy_t int_q_occupancy;
int_ingress_tstamp_t int_ingress_tstamp;
int_egress_tstamp_t int_egress_tstamp;
int_q_congestion_t int_q_congestion;
int_egress_port_tx_util_t int_egress_tx_util;
int_data_t int_data;
#endif // WITH_INT_SINK
intl4_tail_t intl4_tail;
#endif //WITH_INT